The strange case of Days visited not updating for the last Year period in this Forum

Hi, "Ubuntu MATE Community" @moderators :slight_smile:

I've been noticing something that looks strange, here in the "Ubuntu MATE Community" discussion forums (that I know that are based on / powered by the open source forum software called "Discourse " - ).

First, a little bit of context: the "Devotee" badge on Ubuntu MATE Community - - has the following description: "This badge is granted for visiting 365 consecutive days. Wow, an entire year!".

Well, I have been visiting this forum daily, I believe for over a year, but the yearly statistics for my user (@ricmarques ) seem to have gotten stuck, for quite some days, at the 353 days count:

I think this is also happening to some other users (such as @jymm ) as well, for a different count of days.

Could you check this, please?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I can't say I have never missed a day in a year, I really don't keep track. I was even unaware of that particular badge.

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