The TOR Browser in v. 22.04.2

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  • The and my issue this time is "The TOR Browser".
    I am running the version 22.04.2 and it seems to be unwilling to run TOR.

That is.....
I can "fool" the version to run the browser the first time (well I used to....) but when I get back the day after it's totally impossible to start.
Now it even seems like my running version of Ubuntu Mate is on "The Alert" and actually is stopping a fresh download to run.

  • WHY ????


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Some information would be helpful. Did you install TOR as a tarball or from the Ubuntu Mate repository? You might want to mention your hardware too. If a tarball what method or tutorial did you use to install it? When you say you can't download it are you talking about the tarball and a browser? Or the software center, or Synaptic, or the terminal? More information will be needed to help you. Details are important.
The latest release is < tor-browser-linux64-12.5.1_ALL.tar.xz >


If you're using Ubuntu repository packages, it works in later releases, but the patches and QA hasn't been done on jammy yet.

Refer Bug #2000077 β€œDownload URLs are broken” : Jammy (22.04) : Bugs : torbrowser-launcher package : Ubuntu


If you download the "tor-browser-linux64-12.5.1_ALL.tar.xz" and extract it to your home directory you can run it from there.

You will have folder tor-browser, open it, there will be a file, "start-tor-browser.desktop" click on it, trust it and launch tor. You can copy it to the desktop if you want a desktop icon. That way it is independent of your system, will update and tell you when there is a new release to download so you will have the latest browser.