The Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Pre-release Survey

As Ubuntu MATE is an official Ubuntu flavour, it would be good to have users of Ubuntu MATE take some time and fill out the Ubuntu 20.04 Pre-release survey.

This is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out to a wider audience. If you have criticisms you want to point out in the survey, I'd recommend to make those constructive.


Do I see this correctly that I cannot send this without giving my work email address? Sorry, this is not about gathering feedback IMHO.

The email is asked in the last step and is optional.
I completed the survey without giving my work email.


@Nope Work E-Mail is optional. All of the occupation stuff is optional.

As for a response in general, I basically said Make CUPS better, damn it.


@Nope I also just used my personal email address... but noted that it was optional...

Didn't enter e-mail, and I suggested Dump GNOME 3 for MATE. :wink:


You do realize the moment they do that, Ubuntu MATE would be obsolete and all work for it would move to Canonical right?


Thanks for the heads up.

Well I WAS kidding around. :wink:

To me, it was a good survey. A few of the questions...I believe...were somewhat hard to answer, because I'm a seasoned non-technical user. I included my occupation and personal email; I say that more ordinary users can help by letting the surveyors know who they are and their levels of expertise. One of the things I read about is that the developers and programmers do not understand the non-technical users. In my opinion, surveys like this definitely help to bridge the gap, so to speak.

And done.

To be fair I wasn't expecting questions that could have the potential to drastically reshape the road maps but the more I think about it and the more I am glad that I actually took the time to provide answers that (I hope) will be useful.

I also wish that my answers lived up to the quality of those questions :wink:

I Envy Mate on Ubuntu, really admire Mate team to make things running, tq guys..

I was pretty specific in why I use Manjaro MATE as my daily driver, dual-booting with Ubuntu MATE Focal for the testing, and for the Steam games which won't run on Manjaro (Torchlight II (!) and CIV:BE).

There are apps which Canonical itself deep-sixed from their repos, specifically Aqualung music player, exfalso, pypar2, and avidemux, and a couple others I can't think of, which are all available in the AUR. Compilation is automagic, and the system already knows all the dependencies. It takes longer than installation from repos, of course, but you HAVE THE APP, and, after the sometimes dependency hell of compiling code myself, it is a real pleasure to watch the system perform something which took a lot longer to do on Ubuntu.

I will always love Ubuntu for my escape from M$, and will always love Ubuntu MATE for the best damn distro available, and one guy on YouTube, comparing distros, said that the best distro of 2019 was Ubuntu MATE, his own daily driver.

So polish your fingernails, devs!

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