The Ubuntu MATE Boutique is open!


The Ubuntu MATE Boutique is open!

You'll find a selection of items ranging from computers that come pre-installed with Ubuntu MATE and Ubuntu MATE branded clothes and apparel.

Many thanks to our hardware partners Entroware for providing the hardware selection. The fantastic people at HELLOTUX have worked really hard to get the Ubuntu MATE designs on high quality embroidered shirts (front and back). Special thanks to @parzzix and @Spleenico for their helping to get the Boutique up and running.

This is the first iteration of the Ubuntu MATE Boutique and we will be adding more items in due course :smile:


Bleeding hell, 14 quid for a mug is a bit steep Martin… :laughing:

T-shirts aren’t a bad price though.


Are the Entroware computers available in the U.S. ?


You’ll have to check with Entroware directly :slight_smile:


Thanks Wimpy Will do.

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