Themes with background pattern

Here i`ll post themes that make use of a pattern image in the background.

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Hey, I didn't know that was possible :slight_smile:

That means that it could be anything ? even brushed metal look ?

It depends on what you understand as brushed metall.

something more or less like this ?
I was wondering how big the 'tiles' of the repeated patterns could be.

Sounds like maybe thinking of seamless tiles from Gimp?
Here is your sample resized (not actually made seamless) for possible trial. Don't think you will have a lot of resolution needed similar to icons.


Yes indeed, although I didn't thought of resizing the sample i linked to but more like taking a small piece of that sample to create a 'tile' and then try to recreate something like the sample (without the dark/light banding ofcourse) by, indeed, seamless tiling.

I was wondering how big or small those 'tiles' can be (if it is possible at all), to prevent an overly visible repeating pattern.

Not sure of what @Frieder_Saugschmerle is actually using. Image is of your brushedsteel6, selected square area and cropped to selection. (2468 x 2468) and then resized in Gimp 2.10.30 to 250 x 250 pixels. In image large top left is original and to right is tiled 2x. Lower large square is tileless and to right is tiled seamless 2x.
Smaller images follow same and are resized to 250 pixels.

Just did quick following old tutorial I had on computer. Had used in 2019 to make a banner bar for a OBS Studio video which modified in Inkscape. There are newer videos but here is link to one I used:
Still worked :grinning:

Edit forgot attachment


@mendy gimp and inkscape for Image stuff.
. Also imlib2 luabindings, imagemagick , gragicsmagick.

For writinig themes i use meld, sassc , sublime Text and pluma and gedit. Most Times sublime Text and meld while using sassc and gtk Widget Factory for Testing. Once it runs Well in awf gtk and gtk3 Widget Factory. I Test caja ,Mate Terminal,libreoffice and Mate Panel.

Yes I know that but I was answering what I believe that

was asking which would involve using a user's image in the theme as I also thought it meant in your first post.

Sorry for misunderstanding.

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no real misunderstanding. You did get it right. A picture can be repeated but not scaled as an whole application background Image.

It might be possible to scale it but only on AMD graphic cards, for Nvidia it wont work

The background Image ist defined in the . background class. However you need to exclude caja Desktop and tooltips.


Believe that solves our question on user background images.
:smile: :ok_hand:

Brown old West. Need some work on gtk3. Am allowed to port it to gtk3. Its one of the most complex gtk2 themes i believe.

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After some hours of work soon its ready for use.