There is a glitch in the Cupertino panel design

There is a glitch in the Cupertino panel design:
The Menu widget, the Application widget and the Notification widget occupy all the panel room.
There is not free room to click on the add widgets. where you are supposed to click on to enter the panel configuration mode.
So you just cannot add widgets at all.
Please add a separator and a small free space to enable configuring widgets.

I've noticed that as well. The Global Menu Applet takes up nearly all available space on the panel. There isn't a way to shrink that particular applet down, at least not that I'm aware of. If you click just barely to the left of the indicator applet, you'll get maybe 1-2 pixels of clickable space that will let you edit the panel. That's the only way I've been able to do it.

I set mine to Cupertino -- looks like that is the way it was designed. I don't think you can add widgets to that panel. Does MAC allow for that on their top panel? I really think its designed this way.

Don't have Cupertino option (I know why) on my system and don't wish to enable it to test but maybe here: