There is no development version of an LTS available

This is the result of do-release-upgrade from 23.10 to 24.04 with /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades set to lts. Setting it to normal results in No new release found.

What might I be doing wrong?

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Hi, @edgreenberg (Ed Greenberg) :slight_smile:

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I think that you are not doing anything wrong. I've found the following recent post by @guiverc (Chris Guiver), that he posted on 25th April (2024), on the "Lubuntu Discourse" discussion forum, where he explains why upgrades to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS ("Noble Numbat") are not available just yet:


@ricmarques Thank you.

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It's 6/4 and stlll no upgrade path from 22.04 to 24.04.

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I've found the following related information in the "Upgrades" section of the Ubuntu 24.04 LTS ("Noble Numbat") Release Notes -

" (...)


Users of Ubuntu 23.10 will be offered an automatic upgrade to 24.04 soon after the release.
Users of 22.04 LTS however will be offered the automatic upgrade when 24.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for the 15th of August. (...)"