Things I'd like to see happen for the Mutiny Layout

I would like to see The Mutiny layout get more options for the side bar here in 18.04 and Future versions:

Things like:

  • Being able to make the launcher icons bigger or smaller

  • Be able to add more than only being able to add 11 Launchers..... I would like to see it do like Unity and scroll down to reveal more launchers.

  • Mutiny Launcher is buggy.... It crashed 4 times when I first switched to this layout this evening.

  • Fix the buggyness in the start menu " Brisk Menu has crashed" kept happening to me when I first switched over to this layout earlier this evening.

I think that's it.. If I can think of anything else I will come back and comment on this thread.


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This is still the case. :cry:

Dear @Wimpy

Could you kindly help with a permanent fix to the Brisk menu, please.

The following is what greets me every time I boot the computer -

Screenshot at 2020-09-17 01-44-36

Thank you humbly.

Using 20.10 i haven't noticed any crashes yet. Perhaps they've fixed the issues that caused the crashes, or I've just not used it long enough yet.

I know it's a current limitation of the global menu used, but i would like to see a drag to minimize feature where you can drag from the blank space in the top bar to minimize and application, and also double click in that same blank space to maximize an application. This is something Unity used to allow you to do, and it means you don't have to move your mouse all the way over to the right top corner where the global menu buttons are hidden to minimize/maximize.

Latte dock actually added these two mechanics to the custom latte panel specifically for the unity layout with a global menu.

Currently you have to open the main menu in order to start a new instance of something Caja for example. It would be extremely useful to have a right-click menu option to start a new instance right in the mutiny dock.

Where would i find the code for that right click menu?

@Madscientist: This won't work for everything, but for Caja, you could right-click on any folder and choose "Open in New Window." A new instance of Caja will open in a new window with your chosen folder selected.

Still not the most efficient method, especially because that solution only represents Caja, so i think the feature suggestions till stands.