Things to do after installing Ubuntu MATE 20.04

Anyone installed Ubuntu MATE on a Mac Book Air like me here? To revive a 2012 MBA, I decided to install Linux on it and have tried a few Ubuntu-based distros and finally landed on this flavour. There are many reasons but battery performance and flexible desktop panels arrangement are among the top ones for me to choose MATE.

After a while using it (since UM 19.04), I noted down quite a few tweaks that made me more productive, the system feel more reliable, more convenient and familiar on a Mac Book. I published them in a blog post for anyone who just picked up Ubuntu MATE as new Linux distro on their laptop can use as a reference: Things to do after installing Ubuntu MATE.

You can take a look at the table of index below to decide whether it's worth a visit:

#1 Choose panel layout
#2 Install TLP power saving daemon
#3 Install dconf editor
#4 Hide the plank icon on dock
#5 Change Brisk menu hotkey
#6 Reduce indicator applet spacing
#7 Install new theme
#8 Switch to use dark cursors
#9 Install Ulauncher
#10 Install Ubuntu Software application
#11 Remember opening applications when log out / shutdown
#12 Fix keyboard back lights keep turn up to 100% after restart / re-login

MacBook tweaks:

#13 Correct monitor color with custom ICC profile
#14 Swap Fn and Control keys and/or Option and Command keys
#15 Install multi touch touchpad driver and config
#16 Install fusehpfs to mount HPFS disk drive from macOS

Thanks for reading.


Cool! I recently picked up a 2015 Mac Air (11.6" - love the small size) replaced the ssd and installed U-Mate on it. Works very well with a few issues, keyboard back light is on full intensity with each boot and it runs hotter than I would like. I'll be going over your blog post when I have some extra time to see if I can pick up some tips.

Thanks for posting.

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