ThinkPad E14 battery pending charge while plugged in

The battery in a new Lenovo ThinkPad E14 (AMD 3) is constantly showing 94%/waiting to charge
while plugged into the AC socket.
There are no available additional drivers.
Here is a detailed description Thinkpad E14 plugged in battery waiting to charge

Should I re-assemble the battery before trying software tools?
It seems as a software issue. Or should I try CPU frequency adjustment apps?

According to the User Guide (page 21):
"Note: To maximize the life of the battery, the computer does not recharge the battery if the remaining power is greater than 95%."

E14 User Guide:

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Seems to state a low battery fully charges on AC power. Then am I correct in thinking that OP thus is on AC and the charging turns off at 94% because the battery was fully charged. If unplug from AC and run the battery down and plug in will the power go above 94% in this scenario. Just trying to get concept straight in my mind.

I was referencing a similar guide p.21 according to the serial number : 'Note: To maximize the life of the battery, once the battery is fully charged it must discharge to below 95% before it will be allowed to recharge again'.

During the first weeks of usage it was 100% on AC plugged in. I tried to check the battery and discharge it to ~97-98% several times (upon disconnecting from AC), and every time afterwards
upon plugging into the AC mains the icon showed "Charging" and charged to 100%. The upower -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0 shows 3 charging cycles. So probably the last time
I discharged it to 95%, hoping that it would charge to 100% again. But it was 95% for ~2 weeks while plugged into the AC.

In Windows, which I don't use currently, the battery icon showed 96%, when on Ubuntu it was 95%. Right around the time I was thinking to write a post about it, on Ubuntu it dropped to 94% (so actually it may be ~94-95%) while plugged in.

I am a bit afraid to discharge it more than 94%. If, per User Guide, the battery doesn't recharge unless the charge drops less than 95%, than how had it recharged to 100% upon initial usage when I discharged it slightly to check charging.

The laptop was always on AC, except for several times when I discharged it for ~10 minutes for testing.

Sorry for bothering, it may be a Lenovo specific issue, but I wouldn't like to leave the laptop for their service, as I need it every day.

I was thinking that if I install auto-cpufreq in balanced mode (which adapts CPU frequency to actual usage), it would override the current battery management daemon and then would it be safe?

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