This has been my setup for a while now

I use Greybird from the Shimmer Project and BlendedSmall for the window borders because the Greybird theme doesn't render correctly in marco.

Just showing the MATE menu matching the GTK theme and the vertical dots border being removed to make it look a little cleaner.

Lastly, a clean desktop shot. I usually keep it very uncluttered


Really clean, I like it. How did you remove the dotted border from the mate-menu?

The dots are actually just an image file so you can technically make it whatever you want, but as memory serves if you make the menu window too tall it doesn’t run all the way down. But anyway… the file for the border is “/usr/lib/ubuntu-mate/mate-menu/dotted.png” … I just copied it and cleared everything out of the image and made saved it with nothing in it, so it’s basically a 0 opacity blank file.


@Robsteady Can I be lazy and ask that you to attach the Ubuntu MATE logo you have made for MATE Menu and also the dotless dots image. I’d like to bundle them in MATE Menu :smile:

I’ll be home in just a bit and I will be more than happy!



@Wimpy there you are, sir.

EDIT: yeah... the menu thing is transparent... if you highlight around it you can see it and save it (as dotted.png)

Thank you. For future reference, you can attach files to posts as well :smiley: