This is a wonderful Firefox customizer add-on (2 screenshots)

I cannot believe that I am on Firefox; that is all I can say! :grin:

With a couple of tabs open

Or merely a single panel Firefox; when it is all that you need.


The above screenshots were intended to give you a hint at what can be done - as well as - to display the magic path to this feature... "Firefox addons" ( notice about:addons in the address bar of the top pic).

Incidentally. I have since taken out the page-size button, and made the tabs shorter, to give it a cleaner/tighter look. I also took out the text menu - and substituted it with a cool dropdown menu button - to save real-estate.

This a great tool to heavily tweak the clunky post ff-29 interface.


Great tip.:thumbsup:

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Yes, it's a powerful extension. But if someone only wants to get squared tabs you should take a look at the addon Squared Australis Tabs.

Theme: "Arc theme darker"


Welcome to the Ghost of Firefox Past. :grin:

Some of us have never used anything different since this is what Firefox was like, by default and with no additions, before they screwed it up beyond recognition. That’s the “Classic” in Classic Theme Restorer.

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That extension is a wonderful piece of kit indeed. It puts all of the customization back into the interface, and with some trial and error, you can use older Firefox themes and even make your own awesome setups and configurations completely different from anything Firefox old and new can offer; Literally, a browser you make your own.

Would you want that? Depends on how much you care about how things look. For somebody like me who is dependent on spatial relativity, it’s nice to make everything just right without needing to have all the same hacks in Stylish.

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