Thoughts about Yaru in 21.04?

Recently, there has been evidence of Yaru coming to Ubuntu MATE. Is it going to be an optional theme? I don't think flat themes look very good on the MATE desktop in my opinion. I love the Ambiance theme, and I hope it will still be an option after 21.04.


Same here, Yaru is a good theme but it should be optional


Provided the amount of themes available in the default Ubuntu MATE install, I don't see any reason to get rid of the great Ambiant-MATE themes.
Yaru MATE is definitely going to be the default theme though, which is not a problem as it takes ten seconds to go back if you don't like it. I like it and think the new icons are gorgeous. They're planning to revamp the website with screenshots using Yaru MATE when the new theme will be complete.

The funny thing is: you just can't satisfy everyone . After the last two or three releases, I've seen quite a few users asking for a more «modern» theme. And now there's some people asking to keep the current theme as the default one. Luckily, we have the choice !

If y ou want to see screenshots from the WIP, feel free to join the official Ubuntu MATE Chat Room on Discord.


Amen to that, but every Ubuntu Mate user seems to think what they want should be the default. Personally I still use the TraditionalOk theme.


Could be that the developed Yaru theme and icons will be default and the rest of the themes optional. Don't like it? Then just switch to another theme, simple as that.
My opinion: See and try first, then judge. :slight_smile:


Yaru is nice, but it should come as non-default (optional).

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The transition to the new developed Yaru theme is now taking place for 21.04. As said before, try it, if you don't like it then just switch, just like with wallpapers.

There's a Playground PPA for Focal and Groovy too to test the new theme for those who want to.

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Can I download the new default theme that is made for Mate right now?

You will need to add this PPA.

The new themes should be available there soon for testing purposes.

I would download one of the 21.04 daily builds in the upcoming days and try that from a live usb session once the theme has been added to the daily builds. Much safer than messing around with PPA's on a stable system.


anyways, will there be extra colors for Yaru, like Ambiance in the Welcome screen? would be cool to see color variants of both in Welcome.

Yes, the same extra colors are available in the welcome app for Yaru-MATE as well.

Here is the proof. :wink:

And Yaru MATE dark with @roly (OP) dark wallpaper is so soothing, you have to use it to believe.

That said, I also love Ambiant MATE. May be I haven't used UM long enough to get bored of it.


My first post yay.
I really like the new yaru theme in the beta. Especially the dark version is really pleasing and goes well with the green accent color. Great change visually to mate desktop.


I like it, originally i was a little worried about how the light and dark looked, i thought they'd have ended up looking either too bright or too dark, but so far no problem with the light theme on my system (and i usually like dark more).

I found some bugs here and there with the header bar getting messy when resizing or showing up twice, not a huge deal but they're there.

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