Thumbnail support in caja for webp files

I am wondering when caja will support the thumbnails for webp image files. They are getting more and more popular, and I deal with a lot of images with my website and I would love to have thumbnails for .webp files. Any idea how to add in the file type? Or are you planning on adding in native support? There was an article to install this:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:helkaluin/webp-pixbuf-loader
sudo apt install webp-pixbuf-loader

But I prefer to not add third party PPAs.


I am using UM 22.04 (jammy) and webp-pixbuf-loader is already in the repositories maintained by Ubuntu Developers. It's offering version 0.0.5-5~22.04.1. I installed it because your post interested me and it all works as expected. Hope this helps.


Hey, thanks for mentioning that. :slight_smile:
I never noticed. It frees me of another PPA

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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it

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