Thumbnails For ogv Files Are Not Being Created


I have just installed Ubuntu MATE 20.04 and I'm loving it!! Everything is running way faster than in my previous install (Ubuntu MATE 16.04)!! Let alone this new release is a lot more beautiful and confortable to use than the last LTS!

But I have been facing this problem since I installed 20.04: There is no thumbnails for ogv files. I have ffmpegthumbnailer installed and I also deleted all the stuffs in "~/.cache/thumbnails" but nothing changed. No thumbnails for ogv files.

Your help is very much appreciated!




I have solved this issue!

The solution is pretty much simple:

  1. Empty your "~/.cache/thumbnails" folder.
  2. Install totem (sudo apt-get install totem).
  3. Update (CTRL+R) any folder with ogv files and that's it!!

It's kinda funny that ffmpegthumbnailer is not able to create thumbnails for an open media standard like ogv or, maybe, the issue is that some MATE-related thumbnailer facility is not being able to find the appropriate codecs to create thumbnails.

I'm marking this as "[SOLVED]".

See you!


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