Thunderbird and Yandex not speaking to one another

For nearly a month now I have been unable to access my Yandex account via Thunderbird (current version 115.6.0) on IMAP.

Before mid-February the same problem would occur intermittently and correct itself after a few days, so to begin with I thought nothing of it. However it persists.

I can still access Yandex webmail without any trouble, and all my other e-mail accounts are functioning normally, including via IMAP.

I used Bleachbit to give T'bird a good scour out but that didn't help.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?

My guts tell me that the problem is at the Yandex end. Maybe it's something to do with the war?

Partial resolution of the problem:

I went into Thunderbird's account settings

Yandex IMAP > Server Settings > Security Settings > Authentication method

... and changed "Normal password" to "OAuth2"

It asked me for my password, which I gave

T'bird seems to be receiving again but the equivalent change on the sending side didn't work.

You'd think that they'd let people know of such a change.

Did you configure the outgoing server? from the yandex page, use, SSL, 465

ref: Other mail clients - Mail. Support


I have it as you say but "SSL/TLS" instead of just "SSL". Doubt if that makes a difference.

I dont have a yandex account so I cannot test but try various options so that AUTH will work.

TLS is a better version of SSL.

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I have the outgoing SMTP server set up exactly as suggested here: Mozilla Thunderbird - Mail. Support but no joy.