Thunderbird Calendar

I am putting this issue here in case some of you guys had same.

If I schedule a meeting in Thunderbird calendar and share/send to attendees, (1) the invited don't receive it and (2) when I open the event they don't show in the attendees list. If I use the browser to get into the underlying calendar of the gmail account and check, they do appear there though.

Everything was OK and working as usual until the last update.

In the event scheduling window the "Notify Attendee" check at the bottom is off and the text in grey - can't change it.

Still looking for a solution.


What version of Thunderbird are you running?

The Google Calendar Provider extension does not work for versions of TB after 78.2. I'd have thought it would be updated by now, but not.

Version 83.0
It was all working well 'til the last update though.
It works fine with the Home calendar. It effectively seems to be Google related.

The latest released version of TB is 78.5 - are you using some beta version?

IAC, the calendar works fine with local 'home' calendars in later versions of TB. After 78.2, the Provider for Google Calendar extension, which provides read/write access to Google Calendars, no longer works.

Please confirm your TB version number, because 83.0 doesn't sound quite right. Is it just the version in the repos? Or did you install a beta version? [and what version of UM]

Sorry error from my end. It is TB 78.5
UM 20.10 Kernel 5.8.0-31

I think you are out of luck until the extension author updates his code.
I am running 78.2 that I downloaded from

It's just a tarball, you extract it to somewhere, and tweak the
thunderbird.desktop file in /usr/share/applications to point to it.