Thunderbird problem with gmail

This morning I find that attempts to connect to gmail with imap are failing.
A search suggests that it may be a t'bird fault associated with a new release.
Currently version shows as 78.13.0 - but I don't know when this was released (possibly as an updated snap?)
Can anybody help?

Very curious - not the fault I suspected from a search - it 'fixed itself' by the evening!

I find that quite often with T'bird.

Accounts come. Accounts go.

Why, is a mystery.

Google had a load-balancer outage a few days ago, and I think your timeframe fits.

78.13 is many months old (I only know this because it just updated to .14 a couple of days ago).
(Unrelated to your problem, but this is a good reminder of one of the many reasons why snap's design and behavior sucks beyond words).