Time and Date Display Format

I have 20.04 installed on a raspberry pi 4. I have (nearly) set it up as I want, except I would like to display the date as well as the time in the panel clock. If I click and select 'Time and Date Settings' the gui frame is displayed with nothing in the dialogue. Clicking the X to close gives the usual 'Wait or Force Quit' options. after 10 mins waiting nothing happens so Force Quit.
Is there a text file that can be edited to allow the display of Date Time Format?
Thanks in advance.

I assume that you have set up a panel with the "Indicator Applet Complete" applet, which includes the time as one of the indicators displayed. I suggest that you delete this, and add the "Indicator Applet" applet, which shows all the indicators, except for time.
You can then add the "Clock" applet, which gives date and time, but with limited formatting options, or you can use the the "Command" applet. Although you can use this for any command, the default given is the "Date" command with the %T parameter, which gives the time, including seconds. However you can display the time and/or date, in any format you prefer using the various parameters shown at:
and many other places.
Choose the combination of date/time format codes (all beginning with %) which you prefer.

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Hi @graham19,

please, read this thread.

Short terminal solution:
gsettings set com.canonical.indicator.datetime show-date true

Feel free to ask here for clarifications.
Good luck