Time is broken when I change the operating system

I have installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS in dual-boot with Windows 10
When i switch to Ubuntu MATE, it sets up the time many hours behind the actual time in the BIOS and when it connects to the internet, the system advances the BIOS clock several hours.

Ex (just in case if my English is pretty bad and you guys didn't understood anything lol):

  • The BIOS clock is set-up actually to 14:35
  • After i boot into Ubuntu, the system sets back the clock to 11:35, but after connecting to the internet it corrects to 14:35 but the BIOS is updated to 17:35
  • When i go back to Windows the time is 17:35

I know that it should be OK as long as i have internet but it's kinda annoying when i don't have internet and i need to switch to Windows, as everything is logged at an incorrect hour in some tasks i do there

I have already checked every setting in the BIOS, and re-checked the current timezone in both linux and windows systems (my timezone is GMT -3) and everything is OK, what it could be?

This is an issue between windows and linux... Windows sets your computer bios clock to now in your current time zone, and Linux sets it to UTC Timezone...

But why?
If i set up correctly the timezone it should read the time as it is in the BIOS, it doesn't need to reset it to UTC and then re-establish it to my timezone messing up the actual BIOS time in the process

You can change Ubuntu to use Local time instead of UTC.

Check this link:

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Thanks! It worked! :smiley:

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