Timeshift saves snapshots with root permissions

I am having issues with my USB hard disks. One in particular, is 2 GB. It is named in gparted but that name doesn't show in Caja. It has a long name (84422946-5e42-478f-a0b2-d84d65aceccf) and it should be GAOTU. I also noticed that the Timeshift snapshots have root permissions. Is that normal? I recently repartition sdc and it was with root ownership. I took owner ship but Timeshift still creates snapshots as root ownership. I mean it could be since this snapshot is of the system type and not data type like my Deja-Dup backups, which show me as the owner?

So I am looking to make the name used in gparted the same name for caja. I am also looking to confirm that Timeshift snapshots are owned by root.