Timezone change using panel widget in Mate 19.10

I feel dumb here - but after 19.10 changed the standard CLOCK widget to the one that's integrated with EVOLUTION -- I'm unable to change the timezone of my system when I travel. This is my first time traveling to a new timezone since the upgrade to 19.10 and I can't change the system timezone from the widget anymore. How to change to new timezone?

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata will let you choose the new timezone -- but the mate panel does not update the time... the widget does not update the time to the new timezone.

I don't use the widget myself so take my advice as uninformed. Have you tried resetting the time zone using Control Center, Time and Date? That should allow setting the time zone to your preference. Good luck jonpolak.

@mdooley's advise is correct, although it seems the time doesn't immediately change until logging in again.

The new clock applet doesn't have this feature. You can swap it back with the old one by disabling Indicator Date Time (:ballot_box_with_check: Show Hidden) from Start-up Applications, and then right click the panel → Add to Panel → Clock.

Something related to time zones must have changed in 19.10 since the old one needs re-logging in to see the new clock time.