Tim's work setup

Thought I would share what my desk looks like currently. The large monitor usually has windows running in VirtualBox. But that isn't very pretty. :sunglasses:


Almost as tidy as my desk Tim!. :smiley:

And infinitely more tidy than mine… :smile:

Is that a System76 laptop? I would be interested in one (they have consistently good specifications without the “something good, something bad” which Dell, HP etc. tend to provide) but am wary of getting one sent to the UK because of the “double hammer” of customs duty and VAT which could add 40% to the price :confounded:

Notwithstanding that, I want an Ubuntu key to replace my Windows key :slight_smile:

Yes sir it is....it is the Galago Ultra Pro... It's my baby :relaxed:


Nice setup Tim! One day I might clean up my study enough to take a picture. One day…

Something, something Ubuntu MATE OEM coming soon…