Tips to reduce RAM usage

A few tips to reduce RAM usage from a fresh install. Numbers are from a fresh install of U- MATE 22.04.1 after complete update using htop. Reduction numbers come from making the change, rebooting, and letting the system settle down

Base RAM usage fresh install - 688 MB

  1. Use MATE Tweak to change the panel layout to Traditional from Familiar. Traditional uses the least RAM. Reduction - 10 MB.
  2. Go to Control Center -> Startup Applications and uncheck Blueman Applet. Obviously you wouldn't do this if you need Bluetooth. Reduction - 40 MB.
  3. Go to Software Boutique and delete Evolution. Again, if you use Evolution you would not want to do this. Reduction - 17 MB
  4. If you do 3 above you will still have evolution software running. You can purge the rest of Evolution by going to the terminal and typing "sudo apt purge evolution*" . Reduction - 40 MB.

Total reduction 107 MB down to 581 MB. Nothing earth shattering but it's there.

I think the surprises for me were 1 and 4.

Best of Luck

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Hi @mdd12,

your advice №4 results in ayatana-indicator-datetime removal, because it depends on libedataserver and evolution-data-server-common.

Thanks for pointing that out. I consider that a plus, but great minds can differ.

I find the Clock panel app a better choice and uses less RAM.

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Mem:           6.7G        660M        4.8G         12M        1.3G        5.8G
Swap:            0B          0B          0B
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
After removing the blueman applet from startup.

Mem:           6.7G        467M        5.6G         11M        721M        6.0G
Swap:            0B          0B          0B

660 - 467 = 192 Mb reduction.

I had already deleted Software Botique and Welcome.