"Tips, Tricks & Tutorials (all)" can't post topic while in Category


In the “create new topic” dialog I can select the Tips and Tricks . But when I try to create a new topic in the category the button grays out and the cursor turns red like this :


Hi @IvCHo, I see what you mean and find this:

Since Tips & Tricks and Tutorials is broken into 4 sub-categories, one needs to first be selected. They are in that “all” drop-down in your graphic.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to clarify this, but I’m not sure how it might be done.

EDIT: A little more…

I see that “all” is also not an option for Free Culture and Multilingual Discussion. A sub-category must be selected.

But Support & Help Requests, Development Discussion and Multimedia Showcase all allow it, I assume because those categories include both main and sub categories.


You nailed it Bill :slight_smile:

All 4 sub forums will show up in TT&T


Did not notice that . Thank you .


No problem, it’s easily missed. But how to make it more obvious?

Hi @v3xx, mouse-over +New Topic is now a circle-slash. Perhaps “Select a Sub-Category” or other reason it’s grayed-out could help. Just thinkin’ out loud. :slight_smile:


How’s this

About the Tips, Tricks and Tutorials category