To remove the path length limitation of ntfs

My PC is a Ubuntu-Mate / Windows 10 dual boot and got both ext4 and ntfs drives for storage.

Within mate I want to move some files from ext4 to ntfs but require to shorten some of my directory and file names as the system still uphold the rules for file management of ntfs systems.

How to remove the max length lock in linux?

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Hi Arthur,
It's not linux that is blocking you but the ntfs filesystem. From what i remember, you can't have path longer than 255 chars.
You can workaround mounting your ntfs filesystem more deep inside the filesystem tree.
I mean instead of mounting something like :


try go deeper :


Dear Olek,

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi back @Arthur_Cheung :slight_smile:

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The file-system of NTFS is not what is preventing this. Instead, the cause is the Application Programming Interface of Win32.

The limit can be removed by adhering to the instruction that is available at If gpedit.msc is not available for utilisation, regedit.exe can be utilised, although be advised that incorrect utilisation of regedit.exe can cause malfunction.