Topics and polls closed too quickly?

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I am relatively new to the forum and even though I visit it almost daily I find that many topics and polls are closed too quickly. For example, I had wished to contribute to the Security sub forum suggestion by @pfeiffep and many others and the polls regarding multilingual discussions will be more balanced if kept open for longer. On the other side, I am amazed at how quickly things are moving here so this is not intended to be a major complaint but rather a modest suggestion @lah7. Perhaps the speed with which new topics appear and disappear is just good. What do you guys think?

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For meta topics, I keep them organised by closing/archiving topics that have a conclusion after speaking to @Wimpy.

Recent meta topics have been talking about new categories. I do think some could have stayed open a little longer for further comments, so I’ll do that.

The poll for multilingual categories was to get an idea of how diverse the community is with languages. From a small sample, 74% were multilingual, so I went ahead without delay.

This new poll replaces the old one, there is no deadline either.


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