Torrent Clients that can run under MATE

I know Transmission comes installed with MATE and other distributions. I like using something that's a bit more powerful and gives more options. I installed Qbittorent but it has some behaviors I don't like.

Are there other torrent clients that can install and show up on the desktop for MATE? I tried installing Deluge, but it won't show up on the desktop (or under the application menus)

Which version of ubuntu mate are you using?
Does it run from terminal?
When i install deluge on mine 20.04, it does show up in menu.

Most popular clients are probably:

  1. Transmission (being that default and not too much gui)
  2. Deluge (being advanced and for those who searching for utorrent gui)
  3. rtorrent (being lightweight and no gui)
  4. KTorrent (for KDE lovers)

I'm running 19.10, but I'm about to wipe out that system and will be running 20.04.

Deluge installed, but it gave some problem and says it will only run thin client. If you say Deluge installed and runs fine under 20.04 I'll go with that. In what way did you install it? Does it show up under the listing of software or did you grab it in some other way?

I don't use deluge myself, and only know that it starts up fine.(i use transmissionbt).
I installed it with apt with the default ubuntu repo.

I can test deluge with one torrent if you like... but i am almost sure that it just runs fine.

Sure I would appreciate it if you already have it installed. In thin client you can't download so it was worthless on the setup I had.

Sure... downloading an iso right now. I will reply when i see it is seeding well after the event=completed.

Just downloaded an ubuntu iso and an mp3 torrent somewhere else. Seem to be just downloading fine. :slight_smile: (even over my vpn).

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Hey thanks for the help I'll look forward to giving it a try once I get the new system put together!

You're welcome David.