Torrent for i386: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker

While the torrent for 64bit version of 17.10b2 is listed at the Ubuntu tracker, the 32bit version isn’t:

Therefor I get an error message Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.

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Thanks for spotting that. The tracker is controlled by Canonical, but I’ve prodded @wimpy who may be able to prod the relevant folks at Canonical about this hiccup. (Good job it’s not the 17.10 final release!)

Torrents can work without trackers, but it take a little while to start.

Could it be Canonical quietly killing the 32-bit torrents in their plan to eventually void support for older machines? It shouldn’t be, and Canonical should still be willing to support 32-bit machines especially since new SBCs are still being made in 32-bit varieties but things with them haven’t been making sense lately.

Likely just a glitch in the system that happened to be us, as the other flavours in that list have a beta2-i386 torrent.

I’ve followed up with the Foundations Team. It is unclear why this isn’t working but we’ll keep an eye on it for the final iso release.

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