Touchpad and keyboard not working when booting from usb ubuntu mate 18.04


i have a new laptop (Aero 15x i7-7th gen w/ GTX 1070 maxQ) and waited for the new 18.04 release to install Ubuntu Mate as i had it running on my old asus and loved it.
But when i boot from the usb, everything first works fine but after a couple of seconds i am no longer able to use the touchpad for clicking, ie moving the mouse works, nor the keyboard.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

ps: i want to dualboot with win10, but i dont think that this is where the problem comes from. if you need more info just ask :slight_smile:


Hi! I recently bought a laptop with similar technology, and experience the same problem. When I boot either the live Ubuntu 18.04 or the installer, the only working input device is the touchpad, and only to move the pointer (it doesn’t read clicks). It happens both with built-in and external USB touchpad/mouse and keyboard.

Any luck so far?