Touchscreen support for Atril

I have a Dell Latitude 3160 with touchscreen. On Unity (Evince) I can scroll pdf’s like using my touch screen.
The same under Gnome, Evince can be used like a tablet.
However, under Mate’s Atril i cannot just touch the page, I have to scroll using the scrollbar.
is there no way to make Atril scroll using the touchscreen, or (if that is too complex) at least to enable
some touch pad gestures for scrolling pdf’s in a more user-friendly way than the old scrollbar?

Thanks a lot

From Ubuntu MATE 16.10 with my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 series the touchscreen in Atril works very well out of the box, what version of MATE Desktop do you have?

I am sorry I forgot to mention that: Mate 16.04.
Thanks a lot, I guess I should upgrade, it is a bit annoying to have a touchscreen and to have to scroll using the touch pad when reading a journal in pdf.

This is resolved in Atril built against GTK3+ which first debuted in Ubuntu MATE 16.10.