TraditionalOK theme colour

Hi all,

devs, it it possible to have the "TraditionalOK theme" with the orange colours as I really don't like blinding white backgrounds which is what the current version gives (the blue one!). The orange one has a nice grey colour background:

Thanks in advance if you can accommodate me.

Hi @wolfman and Happy Holidays.

You pick my favorite theme. I heard color setting isn’t feasible in GTK3 now. But I think it’s because a dialog to set color isn’t feasible to modify the theme (yet?). I’d love to hear from the devs exactly the situation.

When I get some time, I was going to try a little trial-and-error reverse engineering inside /usr/share/themes/TraditionalOk/gtk-3.0 and see what I can do in a 16.10 vm. I’d also love to find some help info on this - like creating a separate theme based on an existing one.

I have a totally different show-stopper: Whoa! 16.10 Themes Kill Keyboard Navigators!

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Hi Bill,

I am going to try "gtk-theme-config" and see if I can do something with that but I don't know if it will work at all?:

sudo apt-get install gtk-theme-config

If push comes to shove; I will install some themes from here when they are ready for Ubuntu 17.04:

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Ah! Something to play with, thanks. :slight_smile:

edit: Based on the packages it pulls in this looks like the XFCE tool Mate currently lacks(?)

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I noticed that myself, when installing it did indeed show some XFCE packages!. :smiley: