Transparency Through to Desktop using Termite Terminal

Howdy Doody Linux peoples.

I have been using Mate for about a month and digging it. Been using Arch for the past year or so, but needed a few things and to be free of a few bumps and thus going back to Ubuntu for my main setup. Gnome doesn’t fit my brain, so I though I would give Mate a shot. Glad I did :slight_smile:

Not sure if there is a fix for what I am trying to achieve. I am using Termite terminal with a little transparency, the issue is that the transparency shows the window behind the terminal, and I want it to show the Desktop (wallpaper) and not any other applications behind termite. I have Urxvt installed and that does have transparency only to the desktop (but termite is my favorite).

Just wondering if anyone knows a way to get the kind of transparency I want with termite?

There is a way on Arch with i3 and compton that I was previously using under the transparency section of the wiki

So not sure if there is a possibility of this with Marco compositor?