Trying to connect to OneDrive as folder in Caja


I’m new to Ubuntu Mate and this community, but I must say that the OS works great, and the community seems very friendly!

Now, I’m having a bit of an issue trying to configure my OneDrive account as a folder in Caja. In Windows, I’ve used this tutorial to map it as a network drive on versions of Windows that don’t support the official OneDrive program:

I’ve successfully completed that tutorial in old versions of Windows, even as old as Win2000.

I’ve tried the following set of configs in the Connect dialog, but I always end up with the same “HTTP Error: Found” message :frowning:

I’ve also tried almost all of the available connection methods, namely: FTP with login, WebDAV, Secure WebDAV and SSH without luck.

Does anyone know of a way to achieve this? Or should I download a third party app to connect to OneDrive?

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

RodBernard, It won’t work as nicely as Dropbox which is already included in the Software Boutique for you to install. Here’s an article from the main Ubuntu forum that might help with what you are trying to do:

It’s a hit or miss with Microsoft.

You cannot use OneDrive on Mate because it is windows, not linux. But Linux CANNOT run windows ( only some windows programs but you should find a thread about that :wink: )
I hope this advice helped. Goodbye! :raising_hand:

I did some research on this and it looks like it can be done with a git-hub package called OneDrive-D. Just follow the steps below from howtogeek:

Hi @RodBernard,

see also: