Trying to fix chromium issues

This thread is about chromium issues and ways to maybe fix it !
Today chromium is not working out the box in Ubuntu mate for raspberry pi.
A bug was open and assign on launchpad months ago but nothing was fix yet. It is canonical fault not Ubuntu Mate to be clear.
So what can we do ?
I have 3 different solutions to fix it !

The first solution is to install chromium version from 14.04, it work but after some days chromium fail and need to be reinstall so work but unstable.

The second one is to install the new chromium package from Raspbian !
I manage to do it and it work very well and smooth but I have two issues.
First issue is all the images don’t display I think it is some problem with libjpeg64. This is a big issue to use it every day.
The second one is the video acceleration decoding don’t work. I have some errors. I suspect from long time there is a problem with ldconf libs but I am not sure.

The third one is to compile chromium from source ! Today the reason chromium don’t work out the box is a compilation problem. Packages are built with a tool chain using qemu on a x86_64 architecture. I suspect a lot that is there some gcc bug or bad flag for the compilation. That explains too why 14.04 version works and not 16.04 !
I am sure if it is compiled on arm architecture it will work.
So I will try to compile it on my rpi3 but I think it maybe don’t work because of only 1GB of ram. I will try to build it from USB hard drive with a big swap partition. If anyone have some device with armv7 architecture and at least 2GB of ram and Ubuntu maybe you can try it faster :slight_smile:

I am interested if someone have time to do some experiments to fix the image display problem on the raspbian chromium version in a first time !

So somebody interested ? :slight_smile:

I’m interested. How’s the progress?

I’m trying the third one :slight_smile:
Compilation is running for more than 40 hours but it is almost done !
The big problem compiling is the rpi have only 1GB of ram so it swap a lot compiling so it is very slow.
I will write more news here when compilation will be finish :slight_smile:

I successfuly compile chromium 52 from source on my rpi3 :slight_smile:
But it don’t work, it crash same way than the repository version.
So I was wrong about the repository toolchain system, there is something bad in the code !
I guess I learn something compiling Chromium anyway :wink:

So now, I will focus on the raspberry pi fondation version of chromium and trying to fix the jpeg display bug.
I have some ideas, I will post the steps for installing it here tonight.

Cool! Keep up the good work!

OK chromium raspbian build works great in Ubuntu mate 16.04.
I fixed image display bug.
So all works great but not the hardware video decoding …
I will keep trying a little more.
Stay tune

How did you build the Raspbian version? Did you get from the sources? Or did you change your apt-get source to the raspbian repository?

I use the deb package of chromium from Raspbian and another one to fix jpeg display issue from Raspbian too. The binary is armv6 but it work fine.
All work fine but not video hardware decoding.
I installed abode flash it work too.
But widewine libs for drm websites like Netflix don’t work.

I ask from source code and they will publish it on GitHub tomorrow.
My long term idea is to compile some chromium version for Ubuntu 14.04 or maybe chromium 53 for 16.04 if it work and patch it to try to have the hardware video decoding working. Then put Adobe flash and widewine libs so we can have all in one chromium working very good :slight_smile:

@aworan, I’ve searched for the deb packages from Raspian Jessie without success. Could you post a link, please?

Download rapsbian chromium verison :


then install it:

sudo dpkg -i libjpeg62-turbo_1.3.1-12_armhf.deb
sudo dpkg -i chromium-browser_51.0.2704.91-0ubuntu0.

And hold updates :

sudo apt-mark hold chromium-browser

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@aworan Thanks, that works. But interestingly, I had to turn off Google 2 step authorisation before I could connect my Google account and use Google Cloud Print. 2-step now back on!

I know there is some trouble with Google account login they are working on it.

I update my last post with the last version of rpi fondation :slight_smile:
I think that version fix google account issue !

Thanks @aworan. In fact, I used version …7012 after following your link and finding the updated version I installed it. The Google sign-in problem I reported earlier was using this version.

Ok :wink:
I read in raspberry pi forum they are working on it and it will be in next update in next weeks.

Thanks, I’ll try the new version as soon as it is released. In the meantime, I have this one working and importantly, Google Cloud Print also works. My RPI3 has been up for 48 hours now with no issues.