Trying to run Mystic BBS, Cannot Bind to IP Address

Hello everyone. I’m one of those Old-School BBS Sysops. I have installed and am trying to get Mystic BBS to run on my Pi 3 B, but it tells me when I run ./mis that is cannot bind to my IP address… Making it not run properly. Noone can connect via telnet to the BBS.

I’ve run it on a Windows PC and it binds fine there… But not on my Pi. There are some people out there that have successfully run Mystic BBS on their Pi’s. I’ve setup in Firewall Port 23, yet the ./mis still tells me it cannot bind to IP Address:23…

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks.
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Solved: All I had to do is:
a) Run Terminal as Administrator…
b) Run: sudo ./mis