Tutanota integration as a default mail client

REJOYCE @ https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/desktop-clients-end-beta/

How about starting to integrate it for next release (please)? :slight_smile:

You're probably better off directing that at Debian (MATE's grandfather).

Why would you make a client made by and excusively for a single mail provider almost nobody uses as the default client for a Linux distro ?

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Not to be nitpicky, but I need to ensure it's clear that Debian is Ubuntu MATE's grandfather. (I clarify this because, the last time I know that somebody said something like this, confusion about the MATE Desktop erupted.)

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But Debian being a DIY system and TN desktop mail client being more of a fancy end-user thing, wouldn't Ubuntu (Or I thought UM) be more appropriated? That being said, I suppose that I should search on how to ask Debian for contributions or is there an easy method to get into the Debian head (Read: without having go through endless email newsletter ;))

@Utsuro Where did I said to make it default? Also maybe you should look into TN...

@gordon The way I see it is: Debian is the backend, Ubuntu adds user fanciness and some "advanced" degree of integration compared to Debian and Ubuntu MATE is just... the sweetest deal one could ever get when wishing to use "that family of OS"!?!

PS: Thanks y'all for your quick replies <3