Two errors before succesfully made usb stick in windows

Just wanted you to know, there were two error before even succesfully installed Ubuntu MATE on usb stick via Win 10.

Error 1. 7-zip

Error 2. imagewriter32

Maybe this drops off people who want to try it out.
Thank you for the great distro.

Have you tried unetbootin too, and if so, did you encounter errors?
Thanks for the feedback,

Everything worked fine when running imagewriter as administor, but I’m not sure about that 7-zip error?

Just thought that it’s frustrating for linux newbies to have errors inside windows - before linux even installed. Doesn’t look promising start for the end user.

Hi, I had some problems with unetbootin,
when you use windows always ALWAYS use rufus, trust me it works 100%
I never had a single problem with rufus

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Yes rufus is best so far, unetbootin and pendrive linux have also worked fine. I just thought that you have to have special freeware "Win32 Disk Imager" to make MATE work on usb - like the instructions says here:

Win32 Disk Imager fails to make the usb without run as administor. That's not mentioned in the instructions.

Maybe there should be rufus instead of win32 never heard?

Simple solution to make it more approachable?


I use Windows just for rufus. Rufus is the best app of this kind, BAR NONE !

I also had no problems using Rufus. I noticed that Win32 Disk Imager is still in beta. Maybe it is related to that. Are there specific reasons the Ubuntu MATE team rather recommends to use the latter one? I think it’ll be helpful to collect more comments on this.

I know I’ve been nagging about tagging. Maybe @lah7 would consider introducing a #windows tag? :wink:

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