UbuMate 22.04 Firefox 104.0.2 Upgrade

After upgrading Ubuntu MATE 22.04LTS to 22.04LTS I occasionally got a Notification that my Firefox 104.0 would Upgrade to 104.0.2 in some number of days with a warning to close the app to avoid problems. The upgrade didn't happen automatically and seemed useful for any fixes or security issues, making me reluctant to wait or chance it starting automatically while the app's open. So I'd close the app and launch Software Updater, but it never did anything about Firefox.

Today I opened a Terminal and typed in:

sudo snap refresh

After it had done its thing I opened Firefox, pulled down the Help menu, clicked About Firefox, and saw that it's now version 104.0.2 so I'm posting this in case it's helpful for anyone else. If there's some reason it didn't auto-upgrade on its own, I hope someone with expertise on that will chime in.

While the Terminal was open and already in its timed sudo mode I also did these commands, since I've manually added some apps that aren't in the Software selection or are available in newer versions:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade


flatpak upgrade

Those found and installed a few more assorted things.

Comments and suggestions welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello JohnW

As far as I know:

  • snaps update automatically; you cannot stop the update, only delay it (one of thier main aspects)
  • flatpak applications do not update automatically (one of their main aspects)

You can update one installed flatpak application without affecting the other flatpaks you might have, as there are times when you may prefer 'stability' over 'new'. Or, as you have done, you can update all your flatpaks at once. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just minor issue I ran into with Flatpak UM22.04. (have datacap)
Initially had Inkscape 1.2 as Flatpak and notification popped up saying it was just updated without notification or my permission.
Don't know if other packages are the same.
Seems like the flatpak runtimes are checking and making decisions.
I dumped the Flatpak version and went to PPA.
Seems like flatpaks are similar to .deb in that the various packages use shared items in the runtimes. Did try an app that allowed me to turn off Internet on the Inkscape pkg but it still updated on it's own.
Edit: Have not tried lately on 22.04.1 to see if it changed, your mileage may vary as have removed Flatpak and snap from my system.

What's been puzzling me, is the Notification that it "will" auto-update on some looming date with warning not to be using the app when it happens. I'm also less than keen on the idea of getting an update long after it's been released. I'm wondering if the cause is that maybe to get the latest version of Tbird I uninstalled the Software app version and did a manual snap install in the Terminal. Luckily, it's working fine now that I've manually updated and is the latest version. :man_shrugging:

I've been a bit timid about PPAs since many seem to be run by freelancers. OTOH I've been tempted to try Debian every time Ubuntu notches up my file permissions hassles. So far I've bought into the idea Ubuntu adds a little protection, plus I don't know if Debian MATE has such a great helpful community. Meanwhile I don't have nearly the time to make a switch, or even build a dual-boot option to compare. Guess I'm doomed to blunder along with these glitches for at least a while longer, and hope for improvements to include solutions to my little glitches.

Anyway thanks for the ideas, and any more that may come along. :slightly_smiling_face:

yes, and you might want to close Firefox, then,

$ sudo killall firefox

$ sudo snap refresh

I just closed it down and ran
sudo snap refresh firefox

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It's still funky giving me reminders, but mickee's idea works great. Once ubuM pops the update countdown warning I just open a Terminal and do his Refresh command, and I'm on the latest Firefox or Tbird and the warnings stop. It does seem to later update normally, so ... whatever. Anyway, thanks mickee. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: glad to hear that worked for you