Ubuntu 14.04 won't boot from USB optical drive

I have a Toshiba Satellite L850, Ubuntu 14.04 only installed and a LG Slim Portable DVD writer 2.0 USB. The DVD writer is recognized and works if I am running Ubuntu and I plug it in, but Ubuntu will not boot from the USB external writer drive.

Needless to say I am using this drive because my internal drive seems to have gone ba

Any suggestions on how I can get this or some other drive to from the drive

Check your toshiba documentation for a way to access its BIOS or boot order settings and confirm that USB drive is a listed option and that it comes before the HDD/SDD.

If that is the case, then it is quite possible that some other USB device may be “shadowing” your USB drive from being read for boot. This happened to me recently, when my USB modem was stopping the USB stick from being used. I would have to remove the USB modem and reboot with just the USB stick. Then I could reconnect the Modem.

Lastly, if nothing of this still solves it, are you sure your CD or DVD is working properly? Have you tried it out on another system?

Hi @Tcomdog,

on my mini notebook, I press the “F8” key (immediately after starting the computer!) to access the boot menu to select what drive to boot from, on my HP Compaq; I must press “Esc”, like @marfig said, check your handbook and find out what key actives the boot menu selector!. :smiley:

I’ve found the boot menu, and I see the designation for the USB with Drive attached, but it doesn’t say there is a DVD attached which means it’s not recognizing the drive.

This is the only USB product I’m using so it’s not conflicting (or shadowing) with another USB port.