Ubuntu 15.10 beta 2

I love mate verison updated, it is much better and improvement! i want to learn about bug to reported, where i can start? i can help out.

Finally, it is improvement for screensaver, i never like black out after 10 mins, i prefer to stay awake all day ,i hope it can be stay forever!


There is this



another the question, i just wondering, i am running on beta 2, and it will be update to RC, and plus to update to Release, correct? i just want to know, thanks for the in the advanced. :smiley:

Yes it can be updated to the final release. You do not need to reinstall.

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Very impressed by 15.10b2, particularly the performance on my distinctly modest laptop.

(I tried Manjaro MATE for a couple of weeks, which I fully expected to be faster. I was wrong).

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You lucky, i want to install ubuntu mate on my old laptop HP, but it apparently don’t work anymore :frowning:

So Manjaro has a bit problem, but i prefer ubuntu mate, it is much better performance.

How old, whats the specs? I find mate runs well on dual core processors and will lag on a single core.

Would like to add started with 15.10 beta 1 and have all updates to beta 2 now on this 6 year old computer and have had no crashes lock ups and can’t really find anything wrong.I use sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade everyday to get the latest updates. For an old computer with amd dual core and 4 gigs ram nvidia geforce 210 with 120 gig ssd it’s a very stable and fast system.Will post again when the final version is released in Oct.or if i find any bugs but don’t really see that happening.Again thanks for a great system.

in 2009, i was get a laptop for my birthday, it was a great laptop, along with sale, so laptop is not on,or not on screen, i think it went died on.

I love Mate 15.04 on my Raspberry Pi (except I never managed to get VNCServer working, although works fine on Raspbian). If I could find an RPi2 15.10 beta to test I would be happy to - but I can only find 386,AMD64 and Power images on the beta download page. Do I need a hint?


I’m made some initial 15.10 images for the Pi 2 but there is a kernel / firmware mismatch at the moment, so they’re not ready for testing :cry:

Thanks for update - good work & best of luck. Much appreciated!