Ubuntu 17.10 32 bit builds dropped! Ubuntu MATE will keep them coming!

Martin Wimpress:
Not Ubuntu MATE. Each flavour has their own choice.
All that has changed is that Ubuntu will not release 32-bit isos. The 32-bit archive remains and will continue to be updated and maintained by them.

I will let this link here http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/09/ubuntu-17-10-32-bit-builds-dropped

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Honestly, this isn’t a huge surprise, and something that has been coming from multiple fronts for a while. It’s the end of an era, and perhaps not the end of the world for now… :slight_smile:

So I wonder how this will affect 32b libraries. i.e. the ones required for steam.


Nope. Multilib will “survive”

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I remember a discussion on g+ that Martin had started like 1 year ago about the end of 32 bit version. Omg what conversation that was with some ppl that still use pentium3-4 pc’s. Something like “this is not the open source way. I will go back to windows etc…”

Unfortunately with any technical progression, there will always be edge-cases where legacy hardware is still in use, but in reality having to weigh the cost of developmental testing, support and maintenance for a specific build, that’s now used by very, very few people (in comparison to 64bit builds) makes this a very clear cut choice.


In my opinion this is a great news. 64 bit is way more secure then 32 bit, the devs will have more time for dev to 64 bit or arm etc

And don’t forget arm base bords like rpi2-3 are much faster and use less energy then a 32 bit pc

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The drama has started in the comment section of the website post.