Ubuntu 17.10 Artful : lightweight system wide equalizer?

Hello all,

With previous version of ubuntu, i used pulseaudio-equalizer with which I was very satisfied. But with ubuntu Artful (17.10) it no longer works.

I tried 2 solutions founded on askubuntu.com : downgrade pulseaudio-Eq as mentioned here then a second one here whith libasound2-plugin-equal an equalizer in Alsamixer.
Neither of them worked.

The last one : PulseEffects work but it consumes about 40% of my processor ressources ! While pulseaudio-equalizer was very tranparent.

Have you some advices ?

Hi @ClarusAD. Search here, there’s been some discussion but I can’t say how lightweight any are. Here is a recent example.

Nope, this didn’t help me :frowning: