Ubuntu 18.04 Mate - Compiz Expo Not Working

When running ubuntu 18.04 mate and switching over to compiz and installing the compizconfig-settings-manager package, I found that expo would not work with the defualt Super + S key combo, but would work if I switched it to anything else, such as Super + D.

Are there any steps I can do to remedy this without consequences?

I found this bug report stating that:

This behavior is - for some reason - caused by the new system tray in mate-panel. It’s called ‘Indicator Applet Complete’. You can use ‘Indicator Applet’ instead.

However, I don’t know how to switch to “Indicator Applet” and what the consequences would be.

This is the same issue:

I worked around this by compiling my own modified indicator applet without hotkey.

I didn’t have the same success as the other poster who mentioned using regular Indicator Applet instead, but if you want to try, you’d right-click the indicator and unlock it from the panel. Then untick “Lock to panel,” right-click again and choose “remove from panel,” then right-click the blank area, Add To Panel…, and add the “Indicator Applet”.

If something goes wrong and your panel is all messed up, either do a mate-panel --reset in Terminal, or go to MATE Tweak and reload one of the panel layouts.

Swapping out the indicator complete for just indicator did the trick. Thanks :slight_smile: