Ubuntu 20.04.1 dual boot windows on Huawei Matebook D15

This is not an help or support request, but I didn't know where to post it.
This is to say thousand times thanks to you guys for your great job.
I got a Huawei laptop Matebook D15, Ryzen 5, 8 Gb RAM, 256 GB nvme disk with windows 10. I was unsure if formatting or make a dual boot, finally I decided for dual boot.
Knowing all the problems of windows mbr and other stuff I red a couple of tutorials and many guides and opinions.
Ok, we go! I Booted the machine form Ubuntu Mate 20.04.1 usb live, started the installation, marked the partition where to install..... some more stuff like my personal info, keyboard and time zone... about 9 minutes working.... "The installation is complete. Please reboot"!
I was attonished: Finished? I just pressed Enter a few times! Nothing more!
YES, everything was working, even dual boot: no one single problem.

I repeat: 1,000 times thanks for your great job.


smurf, I thought your post would fit better in the Thoughts & Feedback category. I hope you agree.

Thanks for posting your thoughts.

Yes, I agree. Thanks for moving it.