Ubuntu 20.04 Focal Fossa - Wallpaper

A little early, but here you go


I'm hoping someone can help me with how I can release this image (as an example) through a creative commons license. The wiki is not clear on this topic. In my commercial studio I embed the copyright, and/or usage terms in the image file's metadata. I see people post images and simply put "BY-NC-ND" or other acronyms in their post. This can not be correct, because the post can easily be separated from the image file. Also, other than Wimpy, I've yet to see anyone say who created the artwork - which is the whole point of attribution (BY). My intent is to give this image to the developers of Ubuntu MATE. To use however they want (advertising, derivative works etc.), except not to sell the image. I'm not a coder. So it is limited as to how I can contribute, but I want to give back somehow. The information I usually embed in my images is many paragraphs long, and addresses many possible uses of an image, AND who can use that image. It is this last part that I find concerning about the Creative Commons license. Shouldn't the license be in the image's metadata? Can I have an example of a properly Creative Commons license with attribution, usage limited to Ubuntu MATE only, allow derivative works, can be distributed in a distro (either commercially or not), but the image usage rights can not be sold to any other entity. What does that look like, and how is that license linked to the image?

If you look at the footer of this website, it says:

User contributions are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

So your image seems to be already covered. If you want a different license than CC-BY-NC-SA, then say it explicitly below the image. I'm parting from the assumtion that in the footer of this page there's an implicit "...unless otherwise specified".

You can also embed the CC-BY-SA or whatever in the image metadata, that's a good idea, but probably unnecessary.

If you're really concerned about infringement, and you don't trust this website, you can post the image first on a website that indexes the image with a license (Flickr, for example, allows you to do that, assuming you trust Flickr more than the Ubuntu MATE community) and then post the link here.

IANAL, this is not legal advice, yada yada :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Victor. It is not a matter of trust - it is a matter of unintended consequences. What might seem unthinkable - someone will do. This image should be extremely stained for other uses as it sports MATE's logo, but I'm thinking of future contributions. Also, if I understand SA correctly - there is no"...unless otherwise specified" option, because you can't have a more restrictive license than the one you derived your work from. (the logos)