Ubuntu 20.04 for Raspberry Pi 3/4

On raspberry pi 4 I tried to install ubuntumate on the ubuntu server website
I installed it then ran sudo apt install ubuntu-mate-desktop
Then I tried to boot it it didn't work then without formating sd card I did sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
Now I have the combination on the gnome desktop and ubuntu-mate-desktop
what do I do
Can you make an official version of 20.04 for either the pi3 or pi4 or both
It has been a month since ubuntu released 20.04 and you have 20.04 with pc versions
The reason I want ubuntu mate is linux mint isn't compatible with raspberry pi
and ubuntu mate is the closest I can get on it to linux mint

Currently, the best way to get linux mint for the Raspberry Pi 4B, is to use desktopify:

I have had the idea to build linux mint for the Raspberry Pi, but it does seem like a big jump, considering the only thing I've built from source is opensource games that are unavailble for my Pi.