Ubuntu 20.04 too slow

1st time posting. Can anyone help, please. I am now using Ubuntu 20.04 with Mate 1.24.0, but this new config has slowed my ageing desktop computer down a lot. It's now as slow as Windows 10 on my dual system.
Could anyone recommend an Ubuntu version that I could use to speed things up. I do mainly Writer word processing and simple Calc spreadsheets, with simple Web surfing.
No games, no videos, no streaming.
Your help would be appreciated. Thank you. Colin.

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From https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd-analyze.html
Those are 5 examples for analyze booting processes and find some unnecessary
process who slow your system.
It's important for time display if your system uses hdd or ssd disks.
Run on terminal

systemd-analyze time

systemd-analyze blame

systemd-analyze critical-chain

systemd-analyze --user dump

systemd-analyze plot >bootup.svg


Many thanks Joe. Will try that and let you know how I get on. Colin.

Hi Colin,

if all else fails, there is Lubuntu as an alternative!. :grin:

18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver) de 64-bit
MATE 1.20.1
perfecto y rápido

Thank you, Wolfman. Will keep as possibility in case Joe’s information does not help me. Colin

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Thank you Trevanion. Have recently left 18.04 and agree it was much faster. Colin.

Lightest Ubuntus are MATE, Kubuntu, Lubuntu and Regolith if you're into tiling window managers.
I hardly see how MATE could be as slow as Windows 10. I hope that you will find what's wrong with your MATE install and be able to fix it.

Thank you Utsuro. I can’t understand why either. Will keep trying to speed up 20.04 before I change distorted. Colin.

Should end with ‘ distro’. Colin

Lubuntu is much worse than Mate. I have to say I agree with Colin that Mate 20.04 is much slower than 18.04. it is not as bad as Windows, but getting there.

Thank you, Stephen, for your comment. I’m still using 20.04, so I’m pleased I hadn’t got round to installing Lubuntu.