Ubuntu 22.04 - terminal-mate Scrolling problem

Hello everybody,

I noticed that mate-terminal is having trouble scrolling (Terminal MATE 1.26.0).

When opening an SSH session and pulling a screen (screen -r on a remote server), the mate-terminal of Ubuntu Mate 22.04 does not show the history, that is, it is not possible to scroll backwards.

On Ubuntu Mate 18.04 this function worked normally.
Has anyone else experienced this and managed to fix it somehow?


Hello, if I use the xterm the shift + page up and shift + page down work normally. Any tips?

Hi Elias,

Yes, mate-terminal intercepts keystrokes.

  1. Open mate-terminal
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Keyboard shortcuts

You'll end up with this menu:


You can disable shortcut keys here so that they no longer intercept the keys that you need.

The two options on top are easy to disable (checkbox)

To disable a predefined key(combo):

  1. select the shortcut (2nd column)
  2. The menu will respond with New Accelerator
  3. press the backspace key to disable the shortcut

Hi TKN, thanks for the reply!

Well, I tried disabling the options, but unfortunately I still can't scroll in Mate-Terminal.

Do you have any more details I can look into?

No, sorry.

You might have [shift]+[pgup] and [shift]+[pgdn] set in either mate/caja shortcuts or marco shortcuts, but if you did, you would have remembered that.
Both keycombos are not set by default neither in marco nor mate/caja so I'm out of ideas/options for the moment.