Ubuntu 24.04 LTS To Get 12 Years of Updates

Mark put it as a "platinum grade enterprise commitment" that matches what Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) offers. Moreover, they are not only doing that for the core components, but for the entirety of the distribution with about 30,000 source packages.

It is pretty clear that for such kind of long-term support, you will have to sign up for Ubuntu Pro. And, that is not necessarily a bad thing, considering the pro subscription is free for personal use.


Yay, only on 22.04 and already got an ad for Ubuntu Pro. Checking for updates the software updater was a held back package (phased updates) for a longer than normal 2-4 days period before it was released on my system. Yesterday did an update (GUI) and they installed fine. Now when check for updates get what I consider an ad and did not find in settings how to disable. Not interested in having to edit files to block it and will just wait till they correct it. Just another annoyance far cry from system is up to date. :grinning:


heh heh....It's incredibly tempting to enable Ubuntu Pro if you see what updates you're missing out on. :wink:


Sorry not willing to get $MS account coming soon with merger (oops Ubuntu account) :grinning:
Would seem instead of loading the ad they could place a button with option to show what I am missing.

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I don't leave MS on my machine. So I use core boot (sys 76) and legacy boot. No virtual box, nothing.
Please list the source (hyperlink) where you got this information? No just speculation please. That would be very concerning to me.

Is Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth in negotiations to sell Ubuntu to MS Windows?

*"Mark Shuttleworth might consider selling Canonical and its Ubuntu Linux operating system, if he were still in charge of it afterwards.
That's not to say he's not willing to listen to proposals. But he has his own vision for Canonical and Ubuntu Linux. If someone were to make him an offer, which would leave him in charge of both and help him further his plans, then he might go for it. Maybe. - 2018

Summary: Mark Shuttleworth's Canonical is doing marketing for Microsoft; this isn't a company that will participate in any antitrust action against Microsoft as Microsoft pays it not to

Mark Shuttleworth is not selling Ubuntu, he is cooperating with MS Windows and receiving compensation from them.
All in all I am not worried Ubuntu will be owned by MS Windows anytime in the near future.
I do not use virtual box or the cloud (your data on someone else's computer) though this seems a compatibility issue. Remember MS also made a Linux subsystem to go after developers. If MS would take over Ubuntu, I would migrate to Sparky Mate semi-rolling. At my age, 12 years OS support would take me to 80, probably the last install I would ever have to do.
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